The publisher (47North) for Gischler's epic fantasy trilogy A Fire Beneath the Skin has just acquired INK SLAVE, the novel which will return readers to the world of Helva where we'll meet new ink mages with even more amazing and powerful tattoos.

Of the new book, Gischler says, "I wanted to write a novel that brand new readers could pick up and read without reading the previous Ink Mage books ,,, but if you DID read the previous novels, then it will be a rich experience to build on those previous reads."

The books take place twenty years after the events in the original trilogy.  We get to meet some exciting new characters, but with appearances from some familiar faces too.

What?  You haven't read the original trilogy?  Then start with the first book HERE.



As was announced yesterday on Publishers Lunch, Victor Gischler has signed a three-book deal with Tor for a new fantasy trilogy called Kingdom of Ghosts.  The novels follow the adventures of an opportunistic scoundrel who as the result of a wizard's curse is both plagued and aided by three ghosts -- warrior, wizard, and jester.  What starts as a simple tomb robbery eventually unfolds into events more epic than he could have every guessed.

In other news ...

Victor Gischler's new thriller NO GOOD DEED is available for pre-order HERE.